Sandra S.

The Magic touch

My mother was an RN in the Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Wichita, KS, and Fort Worth, TX area for over 40 years.  She helped deliver, and sometimes delivered, hundreds of babies, including most of her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  They said she had the Magic Touch at getting a woman to go into labor.  She would just rub their belly and within a day or two they had their baby.  If she didn’t think they were ready she would tell them so.  She might be bossy at times but what nurse isn’t after working in the Healthcare field for so long.   She trained a lot of new nurses just starting out and is loved by so many.  Even though she is retired now, her work is never done.  We know we can call her anytime with any medical questions or concerns and she is ready to help.  Thank you mom for your years of dedicated work in the Healthcare world.

Cynthia Rudderham