Tracy B.

Thank you Tracy for all your help this year

Tracy I am glad to have a chance to give you THANKS for hour helping me become a home healthcare “case manager.” Your patience and willingness to share and always get in there and help anyone, no matter what, this year spoke volumes about your nursing skills, management abilities, caring heart, and mentoring propensity. You always was willing to help everywhere you saw a need, both in the office and in the field. You always was available for questions, and did it without an impatient attitude though you had patients “n” loads of things to do your self. I could not have become as successful with computers and everything involved in thinking like a home care nurse manager, (different from hospital nursing), without you doing what you happily did and still do. Shout out to Kimarra my IT help too. Thank you sooooo much, get well soon, we  need  you! Really, we NEED you!!  LOL

Valerie Williamson