Alice C.

Thank you Nurse Phyllis!

When I was a little girl, I had moderate to severe asthma. Most people froze in terror at the screeching labored breathing that came from my tiny lungs. The looks of shock at what most likely was blue lips on a pale face! I will never forget the beautiful nurse Phyllis with her fiery, red, hair, her confidence and easy smile! She always had a little  playful look on her face that assured me I will be okay! Through countless urgent care visits for epinephrine shots, and eventual allergy shots, 2 in each arm! When I would learn I was going to see Phyllis, I knew everything was going to be OK! I will never forget her, thank you Phyllis and all the other nurses that help us feel like everything will be OK! In honor of Phyllis, I would like to thank my favorite nurse, Alice. She resembles all of the same characteristics as Phyllis. Stern, but gentle, caring and informative. She takes time with every single patient, assuring they receive the best care she could possibly give! 

Rebecca Hollar