Adriana H.

Thank you for being the Leader of our Team!!!

Dear Adriana,


There are no words that can describe the feelings of gratitude that we have for you.

We may not say it enough, but we are extremely grateful that you are our Leader!

2020 was a difficult year and you stepped up, showed up and without hesitation cared for this team and our patients. 

Running this large organization has it’s many difficulties, but you tackle each issue with such grace and confidence. 

You are caring, giving and always seem to have the answers. We are not sure how you do it!

Thank you for being the female role model (RN and sole business owner) we can look up to!


Your sacrifice and dedication to the betterment of our team & patient’s lives is unmatched!!!

We are truly blessed and grateful to have you as a Leader! #BossLady

-Your Interim Team


Ashley Hernandez