Judy H.

My Super Nurse Hero

Thank you for giving so much of yourself to your patients and your family, who you have nursed and gone the extra mile for.  No one sees or knows how much you give of yourself, you would never let them see or know.  You always try to impart teaching to each and every person you treat, not only their physical health, but mental and spiritual as well.  The biggest sacrifice is your self, as you rarely take the time to take care of you.  Every day off you drive 90 miles + to take your mother to the doctor 45 miles after driving 30miles to her house, even though she has family a block away. You cared for our brother for 4 yrs, who was basically an invalid, even though you were working 12 hr shifts,  you would come home and sacrifice your sleep to care for him.  You are my super nurse hero and I am proud to be your sister. 

Sherry Skaggs