Peggy R.

Mark & Peggy Ray

Peggy Ray, RN owner at Interim Healthcare in Morristown has worn many different nursing hats over the years. She enjoys teaching and spends countless hours educating our senior community on their healthcare options as well as personal safety. Peggy recently won The People’s Choice Award for Best Nurse in the Lakeway Community. We are so proud of Peggy and all her accomplishments. Thank you for being such a wonderful mentor to your “ Interim kids” and serving your community well! 

Mark Ray, RN is Peggy’s husband. Mark is always by Peggy’s side offering support and encouragement. He also spends countless hours volunteering his time in our community.
Mark is a retired OR  nurse. Ill never forget Mark carrying my three year old son away in the OR when he had his tonsils removed. I didn’t know Mark then but immediately knew my son was in the hands of a kind and compassionate nurse. Thank you Mark, for putting me at ease that day. I’m sure there are many other mamas that feel the same way! 


Brooke Cornett