Kaci S.

Lead By Example

Something unique about Interim Healthcare, is the fact that there is no one in leadership that would not do anything that they ask someone else to do. In-fact… There are times that members of leadership, step up and do things they would not ask their staff to do.

For instance… Kaci Stephenson, RN Director of Hospice Operations did something last November that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Having served in sales pretty much my whole career, there are times that everything just comes together all at once and this was the case Wednesday, November 25th 2020. I had been working on three Hospice patients all week and one Personal Care and Support Service (PCSS) patients. #BOOM all of a sudden I have orders and documents required to start these patients and it’s 4:00pm the day before Thanksgiving. Kaci had family on their way to town, but being the consummate professional, not only did she get those four patients started, but SHE DID IT HERSELF!!!!!!!

Thank you Kaci! You’re one in a million!

Mat Jones

Sales and Strategic Development Manager

Interim Healthcare Oklahoma City

Mat Jones