Beth H.

Gratitude for a rock star!

Beth Heinly Munk is a nursing director at Regions hospital that leads with courage, compassion, and an unwavering focus on patients and staff.  I was blessed to have Beth as a coworker for many years, she makes work FUN, she brings value to all she does and she inspires so many just by being her authentic self.  She is always up to plan a gathering for teams, as she realizes the power of a strong and cohesive group of nurses and nursing staff.  This past year her staff has taken care of some of the sickest COVID patients in the state of Minnesota.  The heartbreaking impacts on staff are indescribable.  Beth continued to lead with compassion and courage.  She was present for nurses, she listened, she supported, she loved.   Thank you Beth for being who you are and bringing your whole self to Regions Hospital! 

Cathy McCallister